What is the best guard to use to TMJ pain?

What guard can be used that doesn't exclude TMJ suffers?

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TMJ mouth guards
by: Anonymous


The mouth guards available in the stores or the internet are mostly fair at best for treating TMJ symptoms.

Most all are good to protect your teeth if you are grinding your teeth down. But, to relieve TMJ symptoms, most are quite bad and can cause symptoms as well.

The gaurd that I have tested that is good for TMJ is the Aqualizer. It is not perfect, but you can wear it in waking hours as well as sleeping. Although, with some people, the sleeping quality may not be too good, but it does help relieve symptoms.

The Aqualizer is a good one "overall" to buy, because it is small enough to wear it in waking hours.

If you want a guard with better potential to relieve pain, the guard of choice would be the Doctor's Mouth Guard or the Dentek guard that I have on my shopping cart page on this website, but you HAVE to modify the guard you purchase or else they will probably cause more TMJ pains.

Unfortunatley, guards available are quite bad right now. So, for quick home remedies, you can try my modified TMJ appliance found on this website. Or, search and purchase the Aqualizer. I do not have that one on my website as of today. Hopefully I can have that put on soon.

Dr. Spainhower

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