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Hello everyone, I'd like to welcome you to my site, and I'm here to help you when I can. As of now, this website is new and young and I'll try to answer any questions that you might have for me when time allows it.

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David Spainhower DDS

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Thank you Mags
by: Anonymous

Hello Mags, I just happended to log on just after you posted your comment.

Now, it's difficult to diagnose the true cause of your discomfort in person, let alone through the internet. Having said that, I'll give you some points to consider.

Everyone has a bad bite to some degree. I would put the "Bad Bite" diagnosis on the shelf in your brains library and search for more information.

Your Dentist has great intentions, but it sounds like from your words that he/she may not be able to diagnose other possible causes. Although, from the comment of "Centric Relation" Splint...

If you indeed need to correct your bite, the Centric Relation splint is the way to go. However, you need to wear the CR Splint 24 hours per day 7 days per week (24/7) to treat that.

Three to six appointments generally is necessary to diagnose and identify the degree of the "Off Biteness" or "Bad Bite". Your Dentist may be qualified to correct your bite, but it may be better to seek a second opinion.

The problem is there are many "TMJ Dentists" that in my opinion do not treat "TMJ" patients with the correct philosophy and treatments.

Your Dentist is going in the right direction with the CR splint, but, it isn't the right direction if your Dentist believes that your discomfort is derived from your bad bite, when in fact it may be other factors that I've mention here in my website.

It will take me 1-2 hours of searching for a qualified TMJ Dentist in your area, I can hopefully work on that tomorrow. I'll need to know which County and Cities to search in and how many miles you are willing to drive outside the county to find the right Doc for you.

You need to decide yourself of the direction you will go...meaning...Do you believe that it's possible that Environmental stresses in the last 6 months or so could have played a roll in your muscle tightness? If so, seek another Dentist.

Well, let me rephrase that. The CR Splint will get you comfortable, and you may not necessarily need to correct your bite after your discomforts are gone. Sometimes we need a crutch for a while until our body recovers from Environmental Stressors.

If that's the case, wear the Splint at night time only to see if that's enough to relieve your discomforts during the day.

Any other questions?

Dave Spainhower DDS

Splint Question
by: Mags

Thank you, Dr. Spainhower for the informative website.

Are you familiar with a "centric relation
splint" ? I have a bite problem and alot of muscle tightness. No severe joint pain,
just discomfort. This has been recommended
by a general dentist with an interest in TMJ.
He says I would wear it as much as possible for
3-4 months with monthly adjustments.

I am apprehensive about proceeding with this.
I live in the Jacksonville Beach, FL area.
Are you still providing a referral service?

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you Dr. Spainhower, the material that you've shared with us is great and eye-opening. Now I feel that I will be able to get my TMJ pains under control.

Thank you,


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