Wearing splint made hearing worse

by Jess C
(New Jersey)

Can wearing a splint make your ears sound more muffled and more sensitive to noises?

In Jan., I had a cold for 2 weeks and developed Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in both ears, and sound sensitivity in the right ear. By the end of Aug, the muffled hearing I had from ETD was pretty much gone. However, in Sept, I was referred to see a TMJ specialist, and I have been diagnosed with TMJD. My symptoms are clicking in my jaw when I chew, talk, or even if I do certain shoulder movements (usually in the right jaw), occasional loud cracking when I open my jaw wide, my jaw shifts to the left when opened wide, tinnitus, and sound sensitivity.When I started treatment, I noticed on the second day of wearing the splint, my right ear became more muffled and even more sensitive to noises. In addition, I noticed when I hum,the right side sounded muffled. I read somewhere that when you hum and if it sounds louder in the good ear but not in the muffled ear, that usually indicates some hearing loss. However, I got a hearing test recently and the results show my hearing is normal. I wore the splint for 1 month, but I stopped wearing the splint bc I didn't see any improvement. The muffled hearing on the right did subside after the 1st week of wearing the splint, but it still sounds muffled when I hum. I have also recently developed sound sensitivity in my left ear. So I'm trying to figure out if my jaw is really the main cause of all these ear problems I'm having since wearing the splint seems to be able to affect it in some way. -Jess

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