Update on using your suggestions.

by Dr. Spainhower

Dr. Spainhower here. Here is an email from one of the visitors of this website, and her update to me through an email to let me know how she is doing.

As you will read, the information on this website does help many who apply the information. However, as with many therapies including the modified night guard, there are issues to be very aware of, adjust, modify, and redo if necessary to work for you. Her report to me is down below.

Dr. Spainhower,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Since I last posted on your blog, I made more discoveries about my own jaw.
I made another guard but this time didn't only bite down on it. I pushed it up on my teeth. I have both ways to try now (one that sunk down all the way and the other not) .
I cut off one back molar imprint on both sides this time. I figured since I don't have much support because some of my back molars face inwards (especially it seems on the left side).
Anyways, I won't go into more detail about discoveries.
I do wish there was someone out here that was more holistic in approach.
On your website you aren't afraid to give people resources, and things to help them. I wish you lived here in the (location hidden).
I am almost wondering if I need a orthodontist because some of my molars don't meet up to the hard part of the splint.
Any referral would be nice whether it be a TMJ dentist or an orthodontist that straightens teeth for TMJ.
Does any of the TMJ dentist work with you if you buy the aqua guard, doctor's guard, etc?
I am wondering if our insurance (anthem) might cover treatment with orthodontic work. That would be an advantage.
I went to Dr (TMJ Dentist) and it would cost $700 for a splint and no insurance coverage.
The Dr nightguard is at least giving me some pain relief in the meantime. It is a little hard closing my molars down on the left side in the morning but I found that when I wake up I
take out the nightguard and just relax and let the muscles loosen up on their own without forcing anything my left molars eventually will close. The good thing is that is has helped.
I do think though I would like to have someone overseeing me and making sure that when relieving the problem right side isn't causing new problems on the left.
I appreciate your help and care.
Thank you

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