What Causes Tooth Grinding?

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"What causes Tooth Grinding" is the more important question that you want to figure out, so that you can treat and cure TMJ problems. That is the critical question that I focus on and diagnose in my private practice.

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In any Medical/Dental office or clinic, I think you would agree that if you have a problem and you want to cure or rid the problem from your body, you want the right treatment, right? If you or the Doc don't know what's really causing the ailment or problem, how can it be cured permanently?

See, if I, as a TMJ Dentist treat your Tooth Grinding with a Night Guard, jaw exercises, muscle massage, or TMJ therapy, I'll get you out of pain immediately, but I won't address the true cause of the problems. Then the TMJ symptoms are more likely to return over and over again.

Most people will grind their teeth at night at some time or another. When treating TMJ symptoms, the causes are usually Environmental Stressors, such as loss of a job, loss of a loved one, New job, divorce, marriage, more hectic life for the many reasons that occurs, December!!, Holidays. Any new event in one's life causes stress, whether it's a positive stress, or a negative one, they all contribute to stress.

All of those things cause Tension in our heads and lives. That Tension causes muscle hyperactivity, and clenching and ultimately for many of us....TMJ jaw pain, TMJ headaches and any of the symptoms or disorders relating to TMJ or Stress.

The other main causer of grinding is a Bad Bite. More information on the Bad Bite page.

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