TMJ/Hearing Loss

by Ted Williams
(Loveland, CO, USA)

I have been noticing "Swimmers' Ear" or fullness in my ears for several years, and have seen numerous EENT specialists without any difinitive answers. I have reached the following conclusion after spending $8,000.00 on hearing aids without much improvement: I suffered a football injury 57 years ago that resulted in the loss of all my teeth. I have worn dentures since then and have only replaced them once, some 30 years ago. My personal conclusion is that, over these 57 years, my gums, jawbone and other skeletal components have receded, changing the alignment of my jaw and, as a result have altered the TMJ in an amount or direction to interfere with my inner ear. I can literally "hear" my jaw joint move, and sometimes the fullness in my inner ear is sufficient to nearly stop the function in my right ear. I have found that I can manually manipulate my jaw and muscles around the joint to relieve the pressure and regain the function of the ear.

Am I crazy or is there a fix?

Thank you.

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TMJ/Hearing Loss
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Ted,

If indeed your hearing loss is caused by TMJ issues, which is really a bad bite issue in this case, then you'll want to wear one or two types of TMJ splints.

In the Dental office, I would make a custom made splint for you with about 5-6 adjustments (over 2-3 months) necessary to adjust the splint as your muscles relax and allow the condyle in the TMJ's to settle in the most comfortable position in the joint.

The other device would be an anterior deprogrammer which relaxes the muscles basically over night. People see typical results in muscle relaxation in 1-3 nights.

I designed the SmartGuard which is an OTC anterior degrogrammer. The SmartGuard Original will work with dentures. The SmartGuard Elite probably Won't work for dentures.

Go to

to purchase the SmartGuard ORIGINAL.

Try that. If it works, then you should see a Prosthodontist to make you a new set of dentures.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Dr. Spainhower

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