I think i have tmj about 3-4 months ago i was eating beef jerky and my jaw popped and for about 1-2 weeks i could not chew almost at all without my jaw hurting or locking, i had liquids only, finally it got better but i am left with a loud loud loud popping no pain but i am embarrased to eat in front of people they can hear it. will the doctor night guard help this???? Please let me know.

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TMJ Popping
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello, and thank you for posting this question. As you ask questions, this website increases in search ranking, therefore many will be read this website by many people looking for answers.

At different times in many individuals' lives, we can have excess stress on the TM joint. Your explanation is common to many.

You have bruised the meniscus and or the ligaments holding the disc in place. You need as much relaxation of the muscles and joint as possible.

Your question of will the doctor's night guard help? is answered by...The doctor's night guard is about the best guard to use...that is available outside the dental office. So yes, it probably will reduce your symptoms.

Having said that, the TMJ splint that a TMJ dentist can make is far superior to the one size fits all that you can purchase online or in the drug stores.

However, the doctors night guard can and will eliminate many peoples' symptoms. But it is not perfect nor predictable every time. For the money, it is my first choice to try!

Dr. Spainhower

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