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Is a tomogram ($600)cephalogram/lateral skull ($110) AP skull ($68) TMJ frontal ($97) TMJ Corrected angles 4 views ($350) paranasal sinus 3 views ($50) necessary for tmj treatment?

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Xrays for TMJ
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Kim,?

The most important xray for TMJ patients is a regular "TMj" panograph. We look for tumors, osteodegradation of the condyle, breaks in the jaw bone etc.

I have not gone through the programs that teach the nueromuscular approach to treating TMj, but I have learned from many other education programs that have talked about the xray approach to treating TMJ including USC.

There are TMJ patients that need full mouth rehabiliation and maybe bone surgery to correct the jaws, and sinuses, but most causes are more of a minor issue.

As most TMJ patients suffer from TMJ from environmental stressors, the complete set of xrays you ask about is like having the heart transplant team ready at your doctors office just in case you need a heart transplant that day.

The causes of TMJ are usually more of a minor but complex set of issues compared to correcting the bite by full rehabilitation of your bite, bony imbalances in the face, jaw and sinus.

The University of California and probably many other respected universities do not recommend the xrays you speak about.

Finding the exact location with xrays of where the condyle should be functioning is theory and not completely accepted by many authorities in the dental profession.

So, before you spend the $$ for a complete xray exam you ask about, do more conservative approaches to find the cause of your pains.

You can purchase TMj books from Amazon that are really helpful to understand the more common causes of TMJ.

In my office, I only recommend bite correction in about 20% of my TMj patients. So, most often more conservative approaches are appropriate.

Good luck, and email me if you have any other questions.


Dr. Spainhower

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