TMJ Pain...Smartguard or Appliance from Dentist

by Patricia
(Tampa, FL)

Hi Dr.Spainhower,

Thanks for the opportunity to ask you a question.

I have had TMJ symptoms in my right side/jaw for years. Typically they are clicking, mild, pain and headaches up the right side of my head.

However, I have been under a lot of extra stress lately and I am having severe pain in my jaw now for over a week. The muscles under my ear and running down to my upper ear are painful and even painful to the touch. For the first time eating (pizza) was painful last night.

I can tell my jaw is misaligned in that when I close my mouth the upper and lower teeth on the affected (right) side meet whereas on the unaffected (left) side there is space. I assume I am clenching, as last time I went to the dentist she found no evidence/wear from grinding.

I am working and a nursing student and my funds are limited. I have insurance, so am going to go to the dentist to make sure it is not a tooth or anything more serious. My dentist wants to make me a device. It is $500 and a bit out of my price range, but if it is necessary it will be something else to add to the charge card.

I was just wondering whether you thought, given my circumstances and symptoms, that it would be appropriate to try the Smartguard, before going into debt for the appliance from the dentist?

Going to look into the exercises you suggest as well.

Thank you so much for all the information you provide regarding TMJ and for being willing to answer questions.

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Thank you!
by: Patricia

Great news! Will try Smartguard then.

Really can't afford custom splint and it sounds like yours works just as well and thanks for backing it with money back guarantee!

Can't wait to get it and experience some relief!

Really appreciate your prompt response!



Jaw Pain/ SmartGuard or Appliance from Dentist
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Patricia,

Absolutely...try the SmartGuard first.

A custom made night guard can definately help, but the SmartGuard is a great choice as well. I prefer the SmartGuard over my $650.00 custom made splint that I made from my office. It works well and it's comfortable for me.

If the SmartGuard does Not work for you, then I can refund your money, then you can use your credit card for the custom made splint.:)

Good luck with your TMJ choices and good luck in College.


Dr. Spainhower

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