TMJ (mild pain) bite problems, can bruxism cause jaw bone to shorten?

by Jane



Hi doctor, I'm 16, have a huge problem with my mouth that I never had before I was 13.

i had tmj for 3 years, i had pain for the first 3 weeks and it disappeared later, but the tmj problem hasn't, i still had clicking and popping in both joints, but my right side was more troubled than the left.

my so called "mouth shortening" problem started in march 2014, i have been to many doctors, got night guards for bruxism, i even got ur night guard, which my orthodontist refused to on me. she said that it would make my jaw get stuck.

I have had CT scans, x-rays that showed that my jaw bone was completely healthy, but i didnt take MRI yet to look at my joints.

because of bruxism, my anterior teeth have became very short, i cant eat foods that require chewing hard, i feel that all these 3 months, my mouth has gotten shorter, the space i had in my mouth all my childhood was lost, i grind all night, i only wear a simple bite-plate (retainer) that my ortho has recomended, it's NOT helping.

How can i fix this problem? I think i lost my vertical dimension, my back teeth are short and two molars are out of alignment, those 2 molars caused my tmj actually.

do i need that repositioning splint or anything that increases vertical dimension?

I dont know why this happened, why my bite is so off and different, i dont have limited opening or horrible joint pain, but everytime i close my mouth, i can feel my gums and short teeth, the space in my mouth is getting shorter every day, what can i do about it?

have surgery, exercise, wear splints that reposition the jaws?

I swear i had no jaw problems in my childhood, i had strong teeth, no clicking and i NEVER had bruxism, never knew why i would have all this.

but i know it's caused by misaligned back teeth, i cant believe that mild malocclusions can cause such disasters, so,

what now, how do i get my space back?

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