tmj dental recomended mouthguard

by Barbara

I was wondering if you ever heard of pure power mouth guard? My 16 year old daughter suffers from tmj just had arthrosentisis on right side of face to release her jaw which was locked for 4 days, the dr. said to do follow up with regular tmj specialist for mouth guard. Came across a local guy who specializes in pure power mouth guard. Mostly used by athletes so he says and on the net as well, but I have not seen any research for tmj. He wants to use a tens machine to relax the muscles then take an imprint of mouth and for her to wear this mouth guard 22 hours a day to fix problem. Can you tell me if you heard of this it is also called PPM Makkar.

the cost of this procedure is 2500.00 and my insurance only pays 625.00

I would appreciate any help you can give. ASAP


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See A TMJ specialist or a Neuromuscular Dentist
by: Anonymous

Your daughter needs to be seen by a dentist that treats TMJ, THE PPM is a recreational device for athletes , to help them with athletic performance.

Your daughter needs to be diagnosed first, then with the proper diagnosis , have her TMJ issues treated. This is a medical condition.

You can start by going to
This website will help you for the information that you are seeking.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Anil Makkar

by: Barbara

Thank you for your input. The dr. did not give me the option of the 1250 mouth guard it was 2500 or 5000. I am glad I did cancell the appointment and will do more research to find a tmj doc.

Long Island is really far for me, I live in South Jersey. I will do some more research to find someone closer and hopefully that takes metlife insurance.

I will be in touch Thanks Barbara

PPM sports mouth guard
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for the interesting question.

The sports mouth guard area is new to us. And the results of performance in athletes are surprising.

It looks like that the guards do have some merit and may in fact improve the bodys' performance.

If you went through the process to fit the PPM, your daughter would most likely benefit and see improvement with her jaw.

However, she has other issues to consider. I don't know if your daughter has a true lock or Trismus. An experienced TMJ Dentist will know how to make any suggestions and recommendations based on your daughters' situation. I would make sure that you see a seasoned TMJ Dentist and not just a PPM certified dentist.

See, most likely, the PPM dentists are trained by the PPM representatives...and not by TMJ Dentists.

If you do decide to try the PPM, I would purchase the least expensive (1250.00). That will do the same thing that the 2500.00 version will. That's not too far from other TMJ Splints.

There are guards that will be more accurate to help her quicker. The PPm and other sport guards are fabricated to a specific position for the individuals mouth and jaw. This is good, but, a TMJ dentist can create a more accurate TMJ splint by traditional methods with methodically adjusting the splint through a few visits.

The price for therapy from a TMJ Dentist will vary from about 1500.00 to 4000.00. So, look around and do some research for the Doc you think will be good for you.

You are close to Dr. Barry Rozenburg on Long Island. Go see him. He really has a world of experience and will be able to diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment for your daughter. You can find his number here on my "Hand Picked Doc" page, that you can see on the navigation buttons on the left side of this page.

So, my recommendation is to see a TMJ Dentist. Since you are close to Long Island, I would call Dr. Rozenburg. If you find someone else, I'll be happy to research your TMJ Dentist that your are considering and give you my opinion.

Good luck,

Dr. Spainhower

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