TMJ cheekbone

I was wondering if TMJ can cause the cheekbone to move and cause facial disproportion ?

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To the Doctor.
by: Anonymous

Now, I have the EXACT same issues and I do believe, so, that TMJ has cause my bones to arrange with the muscles being tightened. I was put under doses daily of Aderall, Ritalin, and Concerta as a child, through the years, at the age of 4. I'm sure you know the side effects as they did make me tense up and I didn't even realize. I would grind my teeth in sleep, and even tense while I was sleeping. At that age my bones were still developing. Would you think that after many years under medication they might've effected my bones' structure through growth?

by: Anonymous

not a swelling but can it cause the cheekbone to move? it seems like my cheekbone has moved a bit wider bak its close to my ear.. its not moved majorly but significantly... also my jaw on one side is alot closer to my ear if that makes sense and on the side dat is closer i get occascional tinitus in it

Cheek Bone
by: Dr. Spainhower


TMJ affects most often the soft tissues of the face and tmjoint, so the cheek bone will not move because of any TMJ issues.

It's possible that you have swelling in the upper cheek. That usually is caused by infection of the upper back teeth.

Or, you could be feeling the Condyle moving in front of your ear. Many people feel that and wonder if that is normal or not. It most often is a normal bump movement of the condyle/jaw.

If you think swelling is present, please call your Dentist or Physician to diagnose the problem.

Dr. Spainhower

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