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Jaw popping

Hello, I am 30 years old and had shingles about a month ago in my med back, right side. I am usually a pretty healthy woman, now it seems that I am having

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Dr. Spainhower, I would like to try an OTC night guard for TMJ, before investing in a custom one. I battled MRSA infections for around 5 years and lost

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small jaw missing tooth

Hello, I have a small jaw and a missing lower back molar (second last) whci would you recommend for me? I clench and have tmj- sowllen lymph nodes and

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Lock jaw vs. trismus

I've been having trouble since dental procedure on 11/13. At first I could only open 15mm. He gave me tounge depressor stretching exercises to try to stretch

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occiptal headaches

Have suffered for over 4 yes with occipital headaches and just found out from dentisit I grind teeth and had read this can cause headaches would your tmj

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which one original or elite?

I would like to know which night guard you recommend for me- the elite or original night guard. I have a small mouth and my jaw cannot open wide. I have

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Daytime Question

Hello Dr. Spainhower! My question is this...I have used you Smartguard for about a year and it has helped me tremendously with morning headaches and neck/jaw

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What kind of guard do you need?

My dentist has recommended an occlusal guard but my insurance will only pay $100 of the $500.00 a bit costly to me. What do you suggest.

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Jaw pain only when I am eating

What should I do if I have jaw pain only when I am eating.

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My jaw is clicking; what mouth guard do you recommend?

I have been grinding my teeth when I sleep for over 30 years and have always worn a custom-made night guard. My jaw often hurts in the morning and I have

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