tmj and ear noises

I have noises in ears like a hissing and sometimes ringing.....Orthododist says tmj and that the muscle around that joint is in spasm.......could this be causing ear fullness feeling and side of face feeling full in front of ear......
I am going to get a mouthguard from the dentist.....but I also have a bad overbite and misaligned teeth.....
will the mouthguard be enough to cure my problem...or will I need braces to correct my overbite ...I have one tooth on my upper teeth that goes behind the tooth ...on the locks behind it......

Thank you...Bonnie Ford

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Mar 13, 2014
Ear noises
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hi Bonnie,

Clenching and grinding can be the cause of your symptoms. So, if your dental guard reduces your clenching and grinding while you sleep, then your symptoms with the ear fullness may go away. The SmartGuard can do just what you need. It reduces the clenching and grinding thus reducing the symptoms associated with grinding and clenching.

Dr. Spainhower

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