Tinnitus, migraines, low blood flow to brain

by Ria


I've been told by my health practitioner that I need a splint which would cause my lower teeth to jut forward so that they are actually in front of my upper teeth, while I sleep. He says that will help my tinnitus, migraines and low blood flow to the brain. Do you know of a splint that will do that?

Thank you.

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migraines and lower jaw forward
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Ria,

If your tinnitus and migraines are caused by clenching, then you want to wear a night guard that decreases the clenching and pressure applied in the TM joint by night time clenching.

Yes, pulling your jaw forward will do this. The best OTC night guard to do this is the RCM double arch night guard.

The SmartGuard night guard decreases the clenching forces which will decrease the pressure in the TM joint as well. But it does not pull the jaw forward.

Most will like the SmartGuard better, but I just had a SmartGuard user last week try the RCM double arch and he liked the RCM better.

I like wearing the SmartGuard, but I designed it, so I'm partial to it.

The SmartGuard is bulky to some to the tip of the tongue, and the RCM encourages more clenching but does pull the jaw forward. Both can work, and many will like the RCM better...and many will like the SmartGuard better.

You'll need to try one and see which one works better for you personally. I guarantee that both work for you.

Here is the URL to review and purchase either one.

If you have any other questions, please ask here or email me at DrSpainhower@SmartGuard.info


Dr. Spainhower

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