the cause of my TMJ

by Emily Cole
(La Crosse wisconsin)

I went to an oral surgeon and had my wisdom teeth removed 6 months ago. My mouth has not stopped hurting since. The tooth on the right was in my nerves, and he didn't explain anything to me, but waited 4 the Novocaine to kick in, and he started breaking and ripping out my teeth. It was quite traumatic for me. I have went back and called several times and his response was that gritting your teeth was in peoples head and its something people had to get over. Now he wont help me at all. I have never had joint or teeth problems before i went and saw him. Could the oral surgeon have caused my TMJ problem?
Since I have been researching TMJ, it explains a lot of the problems. I grit my teeth real bad a night now, and have to pop my jaw open in the morning. But for the past week it has been locked, and hurting in the joint on the left. I have been using a heat pack and can now open my jaw a little more, but it is hurting a lot more. Should i keep using heat?
And is there any other advice and/or information that you could give me? Anything that would help please!!!!

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Oral Surgery and TMJ
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Emily,

Any dental procedure can bring on TMJ pains. Even benign regular dental procedures.

One of the best things to do is to wear a night guard. The SmartGuard Original should work quite well for you.

Also, there are TMJ exercises that you can do each day, but wearing a night guard works much quicker...within days. The exercises can take weeks some times.

Yes, heat works, but you need to break the clenching cycle by wearing a night guard. here is a link.

Sorry this is so late,

Dr. Spainhower

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