smartguard elite night guard

by Tim
(San Jose)

I ordered and received the smartguard elite night guard. It is promoted on your website as a TMJ mouthguard. I was told by my dentist that i have TMJ but the nightguard he made me is very uncomfortable to wear. I ordered the smartguard to see if it would relieve my TMJ symptoms. However, on the back of the box it says under Warnings: Do not use Smartguard Night Guard if your dentist has told you that you have TMJ. Why would it give that warning? I thought the smartguard is used to relieve tmj symptoms?. That is how you are promoting it. And the name of your website is Can i use the smartguard for tmj or not? If the product is not for tmj it should say that on your site.


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For TMJ or Not for TMJ?
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hi Tim,

You've brought up a good question?

After going through the submission process to have the SmartGuard approved or "Cleared" by the Government to clear it for the intended indications and uses, the SmartGuard is Cleared to treat TMJ disorders when prescribed by a Dentist.

But, when sold by a retail or OTC company, the governments authorities will not allow labeling of "treats TMJ" on the packaging. They really want all TMJ sufferers to be under the care of a Dentist or Doctor.

So, it really is an issue of labeling on packaging between OTC packaging and Prescription packaging.

The SmartGuard is cleared to treat TMJ disorders when you are under the watchful care of a dentist.

So, yes, the SmartGuards are cleared to treat TMJ disorders.

Dr. Spainhower

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