Ringing in Ears and Tinnitus

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Ringing in ears is also called Tinnitus. People misspell Tinnitus often with these two other variations...Tinnitis, and Tinitus.

Tinnitus is very common, and most people experience it in their lifetime. If Tinnitus occur and is accompanied with pain, then you need to see your Physician. Very rare is the case that something dangerous is happening, but it is possible that your inner ear and ability to hear is degrading.

Many different factors can cause Tinnitus. The inner ear could be degenerating at the nerve endings.

Exposure to loud noises can damage the inner ear, thus causing ringing in the ears and damage.

Clenching your teeth from stress can cause tinnitus. This is one of the most common forms or causes of Tinnitus.

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Lack of vitamin E, or rather suppliments of Vitamin E can eliminate Tinnitus.

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