by Patty
(Chandler, Arizona)

I am in Chandler, Arizona. I am looking for a dentist/doctor that deals with new innovations regarding TMD or TMJ. My joints and bite are in bad shape and the typical splint does not work and causes more problems. My jaw actually goes down on one side farther than the other when I open my mouth. I am hoping to find someone that will work with me if I try the aqua guard or possible another type. A lot of doctors/dentist don't do anything but the typical splint.
I tried the Doctors choice nightguard that is on your website. I modified it to what I think I needed. I didn't bite down on my back molars to make the mold because I my jaw threatens to lock when I do that.
Because my back teeth may touch when biting down, I couldn't bite all the way to the hard plastic. I focused on biting down with the molars in the middle and bringing my jaw forward in a comfortable position for my joint.
I cut the back part of the splint when finished.
The first night was great. I had a great night sleep and no shifting all through the night to avoid locking. The second night I woke up with an open bite on the left side but it started to close after working it a little bit.
Can you tell me of anyone in the valley of Arizona that deals with situations like mine and won't turn me away (well if this doesn't work for you, I can't help you)?

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Chandler AZ TMJ Doc
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Patti,

I have found a TMJ Dentist that appears to have an open mind to more of the alternative treatments regarding TMJ. Although, from your comments, you may have a bite issue.

It is always difficult to give an accurate diagnosis and recommendation over the internet, as what may seem obvious to you (or others) as being a bite issue, that in fact it may be more of the environmental stress issues.

Keep in mind that about 20 percent of TMJ sufferers will have "Bite" issues rather than stress issues. In these cases, the TMJ Dentist may recommend appropriate Bite correction recommendations.

With the other 80% of TMJ sufferers, then the associated remedy is appropriate to the Cause. Meaning, if it is a nutritional causer, you need to adjust or modify your nutrition. If it is lack of exercise, you can perform TMJ Exercises or more upper body exercises including lifting weights etc.

Give Dr.Eric A Heap a call at 2125 East Warner Road Suite 101 = Tempe AZ = 85284 = (480) 831-1700.

He should be able to help you.

Dr. Spainhower

by: Dr. Eric Cerre, NMD

Hi Patty,

Have you tried working with the muscles of the joint. I specialize in Myofascial Dysfunction that is more than likely a component of your problem. You can look this information up under
myofascial pain syndromes by Janet Travell, MD.
I am located in Chandler and have an extensive background in this area.


Eric Cerre, NMD

Patty's help
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Patty,

Thank you very much for the feedback on the modified night guard. It isn't perfect but it's the best OTC available so far.

My TMJ Night Guard is almost ready for manufacture, but until then, there's only a few options on the net that "might" work, but it's a risk to take, although a cheap one.

You did an excellent job at trying to fit the Doctor's night guard to your situation. I really like the fact that you pushed your jaw forward to help prevent locking. Excellent job!

The only other suggestion that I have with OTC or OTN (over the net) guards for you to try is the Aqualizer. It probably won't fix you, but it should alleviate your symptoms. It works best during the day though, but try it at night to see if you can sleep with it.

I will try to locate a TMJ Dentist in your area to refer you to.

What is your city and zip code and how many miles that you are willing to drive?

Please send that info to my email for confidentiality. I will do my best to find someone that can help you.

Dr. Spainhower

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