Possible TMJ Issue

by Tammy

I have had tension headaches for a long time, I am now having issues with my ears feeling full or just a pressure/achy feeling in them.

I have sinus problems also and so far the doctors I have gone to seem to think my headaches and neck tension is from that, I also feel off balance a lot of the time, I just thought it was from my sinus, or the weather, but it seems like its all the time.

Im at a loss and I was told to research TMJ. Any thoughts you may have would be helpful.

The neck tension I have radiates into the back of my head and sometimes around the front (Clavical area). Since I have been feeling like this and no one seems to know why, I have had some anxiety over it.

Thank you for your time.


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Tension and sinus issues
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Tammy,

The cause of your symptoms can be one of dozens of factors. It will be necessary for you to research as you are doing now to find the main or primary cause of your TMJ symptoms.

You'll need to evaluate your eating habits.

You'll need to evaluate your posture at work and otherwise.

You'll need to evaluate what is causing stress in your life in the past year or so.

You'll need to evaluate any medications you are taking.

You'll need to evaluate your current level of physical fitness. Are you exercising aerobically? If not, do so.

There usually is a cause of the stress or tension that your body is feeling.

The treatment is to reduce or eliminate the stressors.

The quick band aid treatment to relieve your symptoms is a night guard. The SmartGaurd Night Guard is the one to try first.

The long term reduction of your stressors and symptoms are to address and reduce your stressors, and to do TMJ exercises.

It is a trial and error with TMJ treatment. Try one method to see how you respond. One type of treatment will help some but not others, so keep looking and pick something, then try it.

Good luck and feel free to answer here for any clarifications with any questions.


Dr. Spainhower

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