please help...severe tmj lock!

by Starla McDaniel
(Hickory, NC)

For years my mouth would over extend and my jaw would it has been locked on the left side since october so7 months now and it is getting ears neck head teeth and jaw kill me...i went to my dentist he recommended surgery because I could only open my mouth 15 mm and referred me to a periodontist...i have not went because the first visit is $500 just for consultation and nothing else because apparently here in NC none of them take insurance...i have never grinded or clenchef my teeth but this week out of no where I have started clenching uncontrollably I even chipped one of my front teeth doing ...what do I do?

by the way I am 21 and very healthy

thank you

starla mcdaniel

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Severe Lock
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Starla,

If you truly have had a locked jaw since October, then you'll need to see an Oral Surgeon. You'll need surgery to open and free up your TMJoints.

You can purchase and wear either the RCM Double Arch or the SmartGuard Elite, but if you are truly locked closed, then those guards will not unlock you. They will however help reduce your discomforts.

Please keep me informed of how it goes for you.


Dr. Spainhower

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