open anterior bite

by eva martinez
(alicante, spain)

I am a 40year old woman with an open anterior bite and TMJ disfunction.
What is the best mouthguard for me?
Your sincerely
Eva from Spain

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Which night guard is best for me?
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Eva,

To answer that question, I'll need to have more information.

You say that you have TMJ dysfunction. Dysfunction refers to a dysfunction in the TM joint. Usually the best option is to wear a quality night guard that reduces or eliminates your symptoms.

To simplify your question...the SmartGuard Original or the SmartGuard Elite would be the first choice for most all TMJ symptoms. The RCM double arch is the choice if you have severe disc popping and jaw locking.

Those three should be the best answer for most problems...however, some people just won't be able to tolerate the SmartGuard due to the different feel to the tip of the tongue. Some people won't like the tight feeling of the RCM double arch.

Most all other OTC night guards just have more significant problems that most people will have more problems with. If you've never worn a night guard before, you may not tolerate either one of those mentioned above.

If you've worn other night guards, then you might appreciate the SmartGuard as it works quite well for most. The RCM is a bit of a mouthfull but is the best for jaw locking. When you wake up in the morning, you will not have any popping or locking immediatley after you wake up.
But, after an hour or so, you're back to your normal daytime level of comfort.

If you don't have popping and clicking, then the SmartGuard would be the first choice. Because you spent the time to participate on this question webpage, and if you purchase the SmartGuard Elite, I'll ship you the "Combo" kit which has the SmartGuard Original also. Then you can try both to find the best one that works for you.

Here is the link to purchase.

If you have any other questions or clarifications, just leave a comment again.



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