by Karen

Have you heard of the nts-tss? It has been out for 7 plus years. Is it superior to other mouth guards. I went to a consultation 7 years ago for this and the cost was about $500, I am sure they are more now. I found the nts website helpful and it seems my symptoms of jaw and headache pain could be helped according to the info. on their website. Of course, I would rather not pay that steep of price and think I am going to try and order the smart guard first, just wanted to know what you thought.

I also went to a Neuromuscular Dentist a few months ago and he recommended a custom-made mouth-piece. The cost for that is $3,000! I am desperate for relief and have even lately went the headache-treatment route through a Naturopath and am finding no relief there. My jaw is almost always spasming and my headaches are now chronic.

Please give your advice. Today I was recommended the smart guard and am hoping this is my answer as I cannot afford $500-$3,000!

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YES really works!
by: Anonymous

I had one of these made 6 weeks ago and I haven't had a headache since - brilliant!

by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Karen,

The NTI has been a popular night guard of choice among Dentists. It is an Anterior Deprogramming appliance.

The NTI, is the most purest night guard to reduce the most tension possible in the jaw muscles, if made correctly.

The SmartGuard also is an Anterior Deprogramming device as well. It is designed more like the traditional anterior tooth disclusion devices, which reduces muscle tension as well.

Both of them work by the same phylosophy, which is to shut down the muscle contractions of the jaw muscles.

Both have pros and cons which can be talked about, but basically they do the same thing.

The NTI will last for several years if taken good care of.

The SmartGuard will last 6-12 months if taken good care of as it is an OTC rubber type of night guard.

The price of each is of course very different, but each is worth the $$.

Good Luck,

Dr. Spainhower

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