My jaw can't open wide

so a few days ago my jaw started hurting whenever i opened it wide to yawn or get food in my mouth. before my right side of my jaw would click and the doctors said it was no big deal because there was no pain. and when the pain startted coming and i couldn't open my mouth wide at first i thought like my jaw just clicked out of place so i just massaged the side and it was better and then it was like that for a few days but i thought it was no big deal. but this morning when i woke up the pain was there for the whole day. although
it wouldn't hurt when my mouth was closed or was talking when i opened it more it would hurt. i tried doing the 2finger thing where you said if i could fit 2 fingers it was less serious i could do it but it was a little painful. i have an appointment with my dentist tomorrow to see it and stuff but i'm just worried that i'm going to have surgery or something which i deffinetly don't want. i looked everything up on the computer and i saw you can put a splint but i have a retainer in my mouth like invisalign so i'm worried that i won't be able to do it cause of my retainer. and can you still eat with a splint? so yeah that's my situation and if you have any advice i'd appreciate it.

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T_T it hurts
by: Anonymous

hi i have the same problem on my right jaw and it hurt like crazy when every i try to eat bread or any other foods.

it feels really weird, almost like if my jaw is slowly slipping out of place .i though it was nothing when i woke up the next morning and there was no pain or anything my mouth felt like normal.

but when i ate my breakfast the pain grew worse
ahh it was so painful i didn't even speak for the day.

sadly i still have that pain but every now than it sub sides when i sleep.

cant open my mouth wide
by: Anonymous

Jaw hurts when I talk or open my mouth, whats going on

by: Liz

Here is a youtube video showing you a 20 second exercise to do each day to strengthen your jaw muscles and prevent popping. I found it helpful.

Hopefully Trismus
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello, I get a lot of these questions coming into my office.

It sounds like you may have Trismus. That's the good thing, if that's true.

What would be nice to know is, is your popping in your one side jaw joint still popping?

But, I'm going to assume for a few days that it is Trismus. So, what you need is relaxation of the jaw muscles. What I would try first is my modified anterior splint.

Having an Invisalign appliance, you may want to try fitting or molding the TMJ appliance with your Invasilign on your teeth. Try that and let me know how it works.

Be sure to cut off the back ends of the TMJ appliance that I describe on my TMJ Appliance page...

Make sure that you cut off the back ends, where the molars are...Cut the molars off! I had a recent individual that purchased "The Doctors Night Guard" from me and said that it didn't work..But he didn't cut off the molars off of the guard.

That is the difference between having more pain and discomfort and having relief....Cut off the molars in the TMJ appliance. Have I driven in the point here? I hope so.

Try wearing the TMJ appliance for several nights and during the day when you can.

If that doesn't work, let me know.

Dr. Spainhower

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