by Tim
(Lake havasu city Arizona)

Had dental work done mouth open two hours next day while eating mouth locked open I forced it closed now can't open mouth more than1/4 inch it has Ben two weeks not any better I have tried forcing open pain is unbearable will this get better on its own?

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Locked jaw
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Tim,

If it hasn't gotten better after two weeks, you definitely need to take action. if it does not open for about 5-6 weeks, then the jaw could lock closed permanently. You will need surgery if it is not opened by then.

So, go to your dentist asap. you need a well adjusted TMJ splint. This will be expensive but worth the $$. You may purchase the SmartGuard and pay for the 1-2 day shipping/overnight it and wear it for a night or two to evaluate results. It most likely will work, but you really don't want to go more than 3 weeks with your mouth locked closed.

The tissues will start to physically adhere in a closed position. So, I would order the smartguard Elite over night and see if you get results in a night or two. If not, go to your local dentist to make you an anterior deprogramming device or a "Panky Institute" flat planed full coverage splint/mouthguard.

You may need an MRI if you don't have improvement within a few days.

Act on this...don't wait.


Dr. Spainhower

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