Mouth Guards

by Robert
(New York)

Why are all the mouth guards for the upper teeth?

Most other ones that I have seen are for for the lower teeth.

Thank you

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Veneers and lower night guard better?
by: Anonymous

what if you have 12 delicate veneers on the top part of your mouth and natural teeth below. Will the top guard tug on and loosen the veneers over time, correct?

Upper vs. Lower guards
by: Dr. Spainhower

You will see and hear different opinions about this topic. It is true, many dentists make upper mouthguards and many make lower mouthguards.

Some clinicians feel very strongly that a lower mouthguard is much better than an upper. Other clinicians feel that the upper is better than the lower.

They both work very well when made and adjusted correctly for that persons' mouth.

I make mostly upper splints. That is because they are stronger and possibly last longer, and have the ability to convert to treat Lock Jaw better than the lower if that occurs in the patient. However, the upper splint is more difficult to speak with.

When I believe there is a low risk of clicking, popping of the jaw, and jaw locking up, then I will make a lower if I want the patient to wear it 24 hours per day, because they can speak better with it.

So, there are a few differences, but both can work and serve very well for the TMJ patient.

Dr. Spainhower

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