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Why is it that Dentek says on the "Warnings" section on the package that it should not be used if a dentist has told you that you have TMJ? Can this product then still be used by TMJ sufferers?

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Warnings on TMJ sufferers?
by: Dr. Spainhower

That's another good question. My guess is to dismiss them from any liability "if" the user of the mouth guard gets worse TMJ symptoms.

The worse thing that can happen is locking up or getting lock jaw. That is a problem that can occur wearing any type of appliance that you put in your mouth, especially if you already have popping and clicking in the jaw joints.

If you follow my directions on my "TMJ Appliance" page exactly, you'll reduce that possibility dramatically.

The truth is, that the store bought flexible mouth guards are just plain BAD for TMJ sufferers. But, if you follow my directions with them, you'll be fine.

That is why I am currently designing one for the public to buy from your local store. It will be far better than anything available in the stores.

Having said that, the TMJ appliance that you can get from your Dentist is custom made and much better "predictably". On the other hand, there are Dentists and even TMJ Dentists that give patients guards that can be as bad as the flexible ones that you can buy in the stores. So...

What's the bottom line here about guards? You can have worse pain or even locking by any appliance, beit from the stores/online or even by your TMJ Dentist. So...what do we do?...

The mouth guard appliance is the best (quickest and most effective) that we have to treat TMJ problems. But it comes with some possible negatives.

The worse negative is getting lock jaw. But it is farely rare. I've only had one patient out of 16 years that locked up due to my appliance.

So, to get back to your question...I think it is to relieve the mouth guard company from any liability from getting lock jaw.

Cut off the back ends of the guard and you'll greatly reduce that chance of getting a locked jaw. And, it'll relieve your pain a lot quicker.

Hope that helps.

Dr. Spainhower

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