Migraine Headaches and Tooth Sensitivity

by Edna Llanos
(Raleigh, NC )

Hi. I am desperate for help! I have a very good dentist and he is trying to help me with these symptoms but I beleive he made it worse!! I started having problems grinding my teeth several years ago. He made a night guard for me that I used for severals months and it wasn't doing the trick. Then he sent me to an orthodontist for an eval. The orthodontist said that he did not recommend anything other than a night guard and exercises since my bite was not "bad". He made a night guard for me and I been wearing it for the last 2 years at least. It helped some but my teeth became very sensitive.
Six months ago I had a molar worked on and needed a crown. That molar has the crown but is with temporary cement. The dentist was waiting to see is it was just sensitive due to the night guard and grinding and finally provided me with another night guard that I started using 2 weeks ago. the problem is that the migraine headaches don't stop. I am incline to believe is the night guard. this morning even my front and all bottom teeth hurt. Help!!! What should I do?

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Migraine headaches
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Edna,

Sorry this a bit late.

If your headaches are caused by your night guard or clenching and grinding at night...I should be able to help you.

But, if your headaches appear during the day and Not in the early morning upon waking up, then your headaches may not be caused by night time grinding.

So, if your headaches happen in the early morning when you wake up, then I would suggest purchasing the SmartGuard Elite. If you purchase the Elite, I can send you a combo kit with an extra SmartGuard Original in it (the combo pack).

I designed the SmartGuards to reduce headaches and jaw pain caused by night time clenching/grinidng.

If your night guards are making your headaches worse, don't wear 'em.

Here is a link to purchase...http://www.simple-tmj-treatment.com/MouthguardsforTMJ.html

Then email me at DrSpainhower at SmartGuard dot info.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Dr. Spainhower

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