Loss of hearing in left ear. Looking for help.

by Eric

I have really bad tmj and bruxism. My jaw goes in and out of locking on each side and i have to crack it back in to place. Its loud, pops, cracks, snaps, clicks etc. This happens throughout the day and while i sleep. I also grind my teeth bad. Always have and have wore through all the enamel on one of my front teeth on the bottom from the back side i presume since i have an over bite. The last five years or so i suddenly lost my hearing in my left ear. It feels pressurized and slightly aches. I know for a fact its due to my tmj/bruxism probably. Im only 28 years old and have no reason to lose my hearing and have done plebty of research on this topic. What can i do? Ive heard hearing loss isnt permanent with this condition. Is this true? Im looking for info/help on what to do or where to go with this problem. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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Loud popping and hearing loss
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Eric,

The popping and locking that you have is very severe and very disturbing. I have suffered from the same type of situation, that's why I focused my career on TMJ.

Treatment of this condition is mostly wearing a night guard. The other way is surgery. Since surgery is the very last resort...

You'll need to find the right night guard to wear at night or while you sleep to reduce the symptoms of night time clenching and grinding. Then you'll need to evaluate if you can accept the symptoms during the day. You'll find that you can't chew gum or chewy foods even popcorn. These limitations are not fun and annoying, but most of the time these limitations are more acceptable to having the limiations that surgery can have.

Surgery will reduce your ability to open your mouth and can't eat a big hamburger or apple. So, try to find a night guard that works best for you. Email me to discuss your options of night guards at DrSpainhower@SmartGuard.info.

Dr. Spainhower

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