Locked jaw

Two months ago I got lock jaw from a root canal procedure done on a back molar. My jaw locked up and closed entirely.I couldn't even fit one finger into my mouth opening. I never had TMJ problems that I know of. I went to an oral surgeon. He performed a procedure by flushing out the joint with lubricant and filling with a steroid. I could open my jaw only 15mm(1 1/2 fingers)after the procedure. That was three weeks ago. Now I can only open my jaw 1 finger. It is very painful. I am using heat, muscle relaxants, and splint therapy(tongue depressers). My MRI last week showed the disc was in place. My surgeon thinks it is adhesions and has referred me to have anthroscopic surgery. Is this the next best course? What about other options? I am very confused and frustrated. I can't believe how long all of this treatment is taking. Meanwhile, I can't eat most foods, I can't brush the inside of my teeth, and I am in pain when I try to stretch the muscles. Can you please advise me and/or refer me to a specialist. (My current oral surgeon has washed his hands of my problem and is referring me on to someone else (4 hours away). I live in Carteret County, North Carolina).Thanks.

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Locked Jaw
by: Dr. Spainhower

Thank you for the call Donna, Lock Jaw seems to be a more common symptom right now, so, even though you may feel alone right now, there are many others that are going through the same thing.

As I've mentioned in other comments, Lock Jaw is not an easy fix. Each time I treat a case, I never know how successful it'll be.

So, as I told you on the phone, try the Doctor's Night Guard (Classic) now to try to maintain and not get worse. Make sure that you cut off the back portions of the guard so that there are only 6 (six) teeth impressed in the guard after you mold it to your teeth. And remember...Don't wear the guard more than 12 hours a day as your teeth could shift permanently.

Do this until you're able to find a TMJ Dentist that works for you. I'll do some calling and let you know when I find one to help you.

Oh, after you purchase the guard, look up my TMJReview.com site. It's kind of Salesy, but the TMJ Exercises work well. BUT, they won't work well if you don't have the guard or Splint in your mouth When you have a Lock Jaw.

Dr. Spainhower

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