lock jaw

by lindsay mcquaid
(Longview, WA)

Hi, my name is Lindsay. For over a month now, I havent been able to open my jaw any more than an inch (and thats stretching it... no pun intended) I'm in constant pain, almost always have a headache, and can hardly eat. Here's the problem: nobody will help me. I ahve no insurance, and my state insurance is getting rid of over 40,000 customers... I'm a 24 year college student with little to no money. All the Dr's I've seen say I need treatment immediately, then find out I have no insurance and wont set me up on a payment plan. Is there any possible way you have any useful resources? I'm in desperater need of medical assistance. Please, I'm all but on my knees begging, I need help, I need relief.

Thank you for your time.

Decembers_rain@yahoo.com 360-442-8219

P.S. I am willing to travel anywhere in the US to anyone who can assist me in relief

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Locked jaw NEW
by: Yolanda Whiteside

HI my name is Yolanda Whiteside. Im beed some help I have locked jaw for 15 years now. Im in alot of pain I only can eat soft food I have problems swallowed,and breathe. I can't get no one to open my jaw. I will travel in US only. If you have any answers from me can you email my at yolanda.whiteside@yahoo.com.

What to do for acute close-lock TMJoint NEW
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hea about your issues. There are many ways to unlock a close lock. One is a gag reflex as in this video .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7BdLu9t_oY There are others on the Think Better Life youtube channel.
Hydraulic Distension, Rocobado Joint Distraction Appliance , pivotal appliance all work in the right situation.
Long term there are many treatments.

thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you very mych for your time, not only the response but the phone call too. I'm trying everything you suggested plus acupuncture
(they'll take a payment plan thank god) I'll keep you posted on my hopeful recovery. Thank you again.


Lock Jaw
by: David Spainhower DDS

Hello Lindsay,

I'm sorry for your terrible situation right now. the agony of the Lock Jaw is almost unbearable as you know. What I would recommend right now is an accurate Flat planed Centric Relation Hard Acrylic splint. Now, that is going to cost you anywhere from 300.00 to 1000.00 depending on the doctor and what's included in the price. But...

I have three options for "Do it at Home" therapies....

Number one: Please try what I have written on the "TMJ Appliance" page, except for one modification. When you cut the back ends off of the mouth guard, leave only 6 teeth in the front of the guard instead of 10...

So, mold the guard to your upper teeth, and cool it off, then cut off the back portions so that there are only 6 teeth in the guard. Start counting from the front two teeth...and go to the sides one tooth at a time...2...4....6, then cut off the back extensions of the guard. Try that. It is not perfect but it's only 2 bucks.

Option #2: Purchase "The Doctor's Night Guard" and cut off the same back portions of the guard after molding it to your teeth. This will work better than the Football mouthguard in Option #2, but they are around 25-30 bucks.

OPtion #3: By Friday I'll try to contact a local Dentist for you to treat you. But, it'll cost several hundreds dollars.

So, try my modified mouth guards first. Let me know how it goes. Oh, wear the guards as you sleep especially, then don't allow your teeth to touch eachother during the day...even when swallowing. That will help you relax your muscles to help to unlock your Jaw.

If you're not unlocked within two weeks or so, then you need to find the money and see a TMJ Doc in your area, and I can find you someone. Just let me know when you need one, OK...

Good luck and keep me posted.

David Spainhower TMJ Dentist

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