by Jazel

Hi i'm Jazel 20, from Philippines. I have had jaw pain for about a 1 year and a half. Now, for the last 2 days my head, my neck, shoulders, and my jaw really hurts. Then my teeth are tightening. At night my mom says that my teeth grinds.I really want to ease the pain. i would like to purchase one of your products. i would like to know what product suites me. thankyou and Godbless Ü

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So, you NEW
by: carlsmith

So, you may not be able to bite into your big hamburgers after surgery.

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No surgery sez the surgeon
by: Nick

My clicking and popping jaw was caused by hyper extension during a dental procedure 3 mos ago. I shelled out a $400 bucks for a fancy exray to tell me what I already know-dislocated disc. Not repairable sez the oral surgeon, he wouldn t think of surgery. His thought, since there is no pain-just leave it alone. It will not get better but in his opinion, for my case, it won t get worse. Since I have good range and your note below indicates limited range after surgery i guess I just live with this.Are there any exercises that would help with the jaw fatigue I get when I eat something chewy-like a sandwich or salad.

surgery and Arthrocentisis
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Nick,

Surgery is the last resort of treatment when you just can't live with the pain, and in the rare instance, you can't live with the jaw locking or popping.

Arthrocentisis will reduce swelling in the joint, clicking and popping. But, it will Not stop the clicking and popping. Only surgery will do that.

The result of surgery is having the popping and clicking and jaw locking stopped, but you will have limited opening. So, you may not be able to bite into your big hamburgers after surgery.

So, be patient and decide what is best for your situation.


Dr. Spainhower

Occlusion vs trauma caused tmjd
by: Nick

Since I have thoroughly investigated my condition I am convinced that it is a disc dislocation due to hyper extension (trauma)in the dental procedure coincident to its start. I do not feel a mouthguard would work to avoid further deterioration.For bruxism like the person from the Philippines it would seem your mouthguard would be ideal.I hope it works for her. Unfortunately see surgery such as Arthrocentesis (if I am lucky) as being the best bet if it applies to me and I can find a skilled practicioner to perform it. Thanks very much for the help you offer.

Which product is best for you.
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hi Jazel,

Your purchase of the SmartGuard was shipped out to you yesterday.

I can't tell you which of the guards is best for you without seeing you. It is a trial an error. But, the SmartGuard Original will be a great start.

Email me with your feedback after you wear the SmartGuard so I can help if needed.


Dr. Spainhower

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