jaw slamming and locking is unbearable, please help

by orlaina francis
(decatur, al, morgan)

I’m 47 yrs old and my bottom jaw has been pulling (jerking) so hard to the left that my teeth slam together since I was 22 yrs old. In the last yr it’s been happening literally every 5-15 min’s, I’m so physically and emotionally exhausted from this. I bite and sliced the insides of my cheeks and tongue and sometimes my lip gets caught causing me to taste my blood more times than I’d ever care to count over the years…half the time they turn into canker sores and hard to heal because it happens again and again before they have a chance to heal. My jaw has slammed over to the left and locked up so tight it causes my heart rate and blood pressure to go sky high until the muscles finally release it by me consciously slowing my own breathing down thru my teeth. My muscles pull so tight it hurts my inner ear and even the outside of my left temple is sore to the touch. The muscles on the left side of my head have turned so muscularly pronounced…like how someone that pumps hand weights with only one arm for yrs and neglecting the other. I have nearly choked to death a few times…also have had to stop drinking out of “glass” glasses because my jaw has slammed over while taking a drink and breaking the glass cutting my mouth and lips. Last week I even busted the back of one of my teeth from the force. I have only Medicaid insurance and they do not cover any dental for me. I am a single mom trying to put myself thru school with two young children at home, one of which is special needs. I have an extremely limited income, so I cannot spend fifty dollars on the Smart Guard I’ve been reading about just to find out it doesn’t work. I am so desperate to find even minimal relief. This last year has just been unbearable. I know over the yrs the meniscus disc has been damaged, if now feels like sand paper when I open my jaw and sometimes when my jaw slams over it pops the bone up in the temple area which causes yet another pain. Please offer me some advice in finding some relief. I once had a dentist tell me that I was the most interesting case he’d ever seen…and another told me that the next time it locked to stop by because he’d love to see it in action. I had a night guard made in my late twenties, but it never helped. The slamming over continuously and the locking is really becoming unbearable. Please help me.
Orlaina Francis

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