Jaw skates or chatters.

by Victoria

One year ago, I had several replaced and cavities filled. During one particular filling, the dentist used the larger drill bit. It was so uncomfortable, like it was going to break my jaw. After that I started having my teeth chatter and skate when I was talking. It subsided after a few weeks. However it has started again. I have tries an anti-inflammatory and Flexeril. It helps with the chatter but not skating. It feels like my bite is off. I also wonder if the temporary filling that the dentist put in my mouth is wearing away and causing bite problems. Could he have damaged my jaw with the large drill bit or could my bite be off?

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Bite off or injured jaw
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Victoria,

It sounds like an off bite is the most likely scenario if indeed the dental work initiated your symptoms.

When placing several fillings, even the best dentist can have see patients experience problems like you have. I would return to your dentist and have him/her check your bite to adjust. Most likely it would take only 10 minutes or so to adjust.

If you need a reduction in your symptoms at any time, wearing a good night guard can start your day off better.

Dr. Spainhower

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