Jaw Pain and Locking

by Sam Defino
(Warren New Jersey)

My jaw gets severe pain whenever i open my jaw while i point it to one side. Recently i was working out when it got stuck on one side and when i tried to open my mouth further(which normally pops it back out to normal) it wouldnt go it just gave me a lot of pain and wouldn't open any further than half way. Please help.

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jaw stuck pain
by: Dr. Spainhower

You need to relax the jaw muscles as much as possible. Totally let your jaw relax. Go to the sporting goods store and purchase the Doctors night guard "classic" and modify it like I describe in the ebook...Truth About Mouth Guards. That might work. The doctors nightguard "advanced" won't work.

If that doesn't work...purchase the SmartGuard Elite and select and pay for the 1-2 night shipping option, and I'll ship it out tomorrow. You'll receive it by Monday.

In fact...purchase the RCM double arch, and I'll send you the SmartGuard Elite as a bonus, because one might work better than the other (the RCM works better for locking, but causes more tension than the SmartGuard. The SmartGuard is more comfortable, but doesn't work as well as the RCM for jaw locking.

Do NOT allow your back to touch! Even when you swallow 2000 times per day. Put your tongue in between your front teeth to cushion your teeth from touching eachother....even when you swallow.

Eat soft foods.

Exercise aerobically. Wear the modified guard or better, the SmartGuard while you exercise. Keep your teeth apart.

Email me for any other help...or reply here again.


Dr. Spainhower

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