It's been a long time for me.

by Charmagne Barnes
(Sacramento, Ca)

I have been dealing with this problem since i was a child. I decided to look up some information about jaw popping and ringing in the ear. I have a herniated disc which i walk up with, but i have been having migraines since i was a child. My jaw pops in and out of place and one day it even got stuck and i had to do some real movement to fix it. i do have ringing in the ear and pain to. sometimes when i eat i feel this weird pain up to my ear and i cant eat until it goes away. i even thought there was something wrong with my hearing, but any way is this really true people really suffer from problems like this and does surgery work? I documented all this on my dental work and ask questions but they never said anything about it. How long can a person live with something like this and should i talk to a doctor or dentist?

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Jun 10, 2012
Ringing in the Ears
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Charmagne,

The symptoms you describe do sound like a bad bite issue. The clicking, popping and locking of the jaw certainly if not initially, does result in a off or bad bite.

The ringing in the ears is caused by so many factors. Too much pressure in the TM Joints definitely can cause the tinnitus, however, too much pressure in the TMJ's is probably Not the most common cause of ringing in the ears.

To rule out the cause of grinding/clenching and too much pressure in the TM joints is easily done.

Wear a correctly adjusted TMJ splint which reduces the ability of clenching and grinding. Your Dentist can make you one, or you can wear the SmartGuard night guard.

If you are about 5 foot 6 inches tall or taller, I recommend you try the SmartGuard Elite. If you are shorter than 5' 6" tall, then try the SmartGuard Original.

These guards will reduce the ability to clench, thus give you a good test to see if the ringing in the ears is caused by a bad bite or clenching and/or grinding. If the ringing in the ears reduce, then you should seek a bite correction by a nueromuscular dentist.


Dr. Spainhower

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