Internal Derangement TMJ

Dr. Spainhower, I have been suffering from TMJ pain for years now. I had a custom mouth guard created by my dentist and it just made things worse. After an MRI I was told that I have severe internal derangement of the right temporomandibular joint and that the disk joint will not reduce. On the left side there is a mild internal derangement of the joint with also a malposition of this disk. I have been told that surgery might be required. Searching on the internet I found your program and was wondering does it help with this particular diagnosis of TMJ. I couldn't find anything discussing internal derangement specifically, so figured I would ask.

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Dislocated disc
by: Nick

If the disc is dislocated due to trauma or prolonged dental work rather than stress or bruxing will a night guard do any good to prevent the condition from getting worse. The oral surgeon recommended doing nothing at all vs surgery but no other treatment recommendation. Where can i find something on the TMJ exercises you mention. Do these help keeping the jaw healthy.

Internal derangement
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Jolly,

From what you described to me, you have a severe case, in which my program the Truth About TMJ and TMJ pain Solutions will probably Not solve. It may help reduce some pains, but it will Not cure the popping and the locked disc.

You will always have the popping and locking. If you have debilitating pain, and you just can't perform your regular daily activities, then you might want to consider surgery.

However, if you find a good night guard that reduces your pains at night time and the early morning hours, you might be able to get through the day alright. You should look into getting yourself in good shape physically, like aerobically working out...eating right, getting enough sleep, TMJ exercises, and it sounds like you need to find the right night guard to help you.

I would recommend the RCM Double arch in your case. You can purchase that here...

That's the best OTC night guard for jaw locking and/or dislocated discs like you have. I didn't design it, but it is the best one I've found for your situation.

Sorry for the late reply. Hope all is well and God bless.


Dr. Spainhower

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