I can't find other options for my sever tmj/lock jaw/chronic jaw dislocations, any suggestions?

by Dana Wilson
(Roseburg, Or)

I have had a professionally fitted night guard made for me, I have tried acupuncture, treatments from a chiropractor, physical therapy, and more to help with my severe tmj problems. I have had an arthrogram done of the joints bilaterally and two oral surgeons say that I need surgery to help. My jaw dislocates a min of once a month, locks down shut nearly each day (longest of 4 days straight), I recently lost hearing in one year and am having vision issues as well as loss of feeling in my face and lips. My only option left that I have found so far is surgery but I can not afford it. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to help relieve the pain? I will list what I have tried:

-Treatments from a chiropractor
-Mouth splint/night guard
-heat/ice packs
-lidocaine shots
-steroid shots
-Physical therapy
-Meditation/relaxation techniques
-Narcotic pain medication

(Please note that I don't require any appliances or braces, my bite is fine.)I'd appreciate any alternate suggestions. Thank you so much for your time.

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Severe Lockjaw
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Dana,

Without seeing your xrays and examining your mouth and jaw personally, I can only give suggestions at this point.

I would buy the Double arch RCM mouth guard (night guard). You can do this from the following page http://www.simple-tmj-treatment.com/MouthguardsforTMJ.html.

I can give you a SmartGuard Elite night guard to try also. Both were designed to treat lock jaw. The RCM will work better...however it is not as comfortable as the SmartGuard Elite.

So, order the RCM Double Arch and I'll give you the SmartGuard Elite.

Keep in touch, let me know how it goes.

Keep in mind that your clicking jaw will NOT be cured. Without surgery, you will always have popping and clicking which is the meniscus slipping in and out. What you'll hope for, is for the locking to stop or reduce and the clicking to reduce as well.


Dr. Spainhower

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