How long does a smartguard last?

Was hoping your sight would have a FAQ area that I could find some more specific answers. I was wondering how long these guards last. I have a pretty severe clenching problem. I bit through the aqualizer in a month while wearing it at night (which I see you don't recommend). My sleep right guard has lasted about a year, but I am hoping to find a more long term solution. I have worn down my front teeth some and chipped a back tooth. Not to mention the jaw/neck strain that comes with it. The dentist wants me to buy a $550 occlusal guard that he says should last me indifinitely. I was looking into the online custom molded kits for $100 as well that says to expect 2-5 years useage. What is the average length of time that you see these guards lasting?

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How long will the SmartGuard last?
by: Dr. Spainhower


The SmartGuards will last 6-12 months or so. That is a guess as the SmartGuard has only been manufactured for 2 years to date. The longest I've tested it is 8 months now. I keep testing different designs so I just haven't tested it for more than 8 months yet.

But, if you keep it clean, it should last much longer than 8 months.

Typically, if you keep the custom made splints in good shape, they can last 7-10 years. The night guards made from online shipping may last maybe twice than the SmartGuard (just a guess). However, the SmartGuard is designed much differently to stop pain symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain, when the others are just made to protect the teeth.

So, if you don't have any tension or TMJ pain symptoms, any guard may work fine for you.


Dr. Spainhower

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