Front bottom teeth clicking intermintently against front top teeth

by Zoey
(Myrtle Beach, SC)

Due to stress, I started clinching my teeth resulting in pain and burning mouth. My jaw was so tense and tight. I started forcing myself to try to relax it at night and then suddenly one morning instead of clinching, my two front bottom teeth started clicking against the top. Over the past two weeks, now whenever I talk, my teeth click together about every 5 minutes or so. It hurts and disrupts everything, not to mention undermining my confidence since I'm a very gregarious person. Talking is now painful. I went to a medical doctor the other day over concerns of TMJ but the doctor did a hands-on examination and said that I did not have TMJ yet but I needed to get the stress under control. Can this clicking sensation just be a result of the constant clinching and stress on the nerves. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Clicking teeth
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Zoey,

You are right. The problems you are experiencing is most likely the result of stress.

In my Truth About TMJ ebook, it talks about how many factors can cause you to have TMJ symptoms. TMJ jaw pain usually comes from an increased of stress or tension. Both of which you mentioned in your letter.

The key is, is to find what is causing your stress. That of course is the golden question.

The TMJ treatment is of course is to eliminate your stressors, then the TMJ jaw pain can reduce.

Other than eliminating the stressors, the most common TMJ Treatments are TMJ exercises and to wear a TMJ mouth guard to help you stop teeth grinding.

The TMJ exercises will help cure your symptoms long term, and the TMJ night guard will decrease your symptoms almost immediately. Sometimes in just minutes to hours. I think the best option is, is to purchase the exercises by going through and I'll send you a Free SmartGuard night guard for payong $5.00 s/h. Just let me know if you want the SmartGuard.

But the exercises are the best anywhere, and the most comprehensive...anywhere. I video taped my physical therapist showing my patient how to perform the exercises.

Again, I think you are right...that your stressors are causing your TMJ jaw muscles to fatigue and ache. You can email me at TMJ Spainhower at g mail .com with any more questions.


Dr. Spainhower

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