I am really desperate for ANY and ALL help right now. In June of 2012 (last year) I had my bottom wisdom teeth pulled, as a result I ended up with a really bad infection on my lower left side, that took FOREVER to get rid of. Since then I have had a lot of pain in my lower jaw. I went back to that dentist and to my own. Almost a YEAR later I was refered to physical therapy, I have gone 3 or 4 times and it doesn't seam to have helped much. I still can't open my mouth enough to eat "normally" Ive started getting frustrated and always feeling hungry because I can't eat well and just give up. Ive been back to my own dentist and can't open my mouth for him to do anything. I have had to resort to baby toothbrushes because I can't get a "normal" sized one in my mouth. I just want to enjoy meals with my family again. I don't enjoy going out to eat anymore because of embarrassment. Please help!!

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