Could it be possible that I found a possible solution to TMJ headaches?

I have been a chronic headache suffer for nearly 40 years. I have visited many doctors, Physio's, Chiro's, had MRI's, Allergy tests, been on special diets and not to mention tried all the over the counter and prescription drugs there are on the market. I have boxes and boxes of Iburophen and codiene in my medicine cupboard, as I know that I will need to take these at some point, just to make it thru each day, which I do with a smile as I don't want my beautiful family to have to endure my suffering.

But lately I have spent more time on the internet, reading as much as I can about headaches. And I concluded that I must have a TMJ condition, as the pain from my headaches are generally around my ear area. I don't have popping, nor do I have any issues with my teeth wearing down from grinding.

But what I do have, is a terrible habit of bitting my lip. I never realized that bitting my dry lips could contribute to my daily headaches.

I now no longer have headaches! Just because I decided to give up my habit of bitting.

No more drugs, no more depression! Life is wonderful.

If you have a habit of bitting your lips, cheeks, bitting your nails, bitting your pens, then give it a try and stop for a whole day and see if it could help. I pray that your answer is as simple as this.

Wish I had known sooner.

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