Can tmj kill someone?

by sarah

Can Tmj kill someone if they wait to long to fix it?

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by: Beverly

My doctor told me it can lead to my brain and kill me or cause tumors I am freeking out and got told tmj can harm me and then I got told that it cant I have anxiety and it bothers me I have kids and I don't wanna go every night wondering if I am going to wake up could u please email me and let me know or call me my phone is 309-xxx-xxxx or email at thanks beverly

Can TMJ kill you?
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Sarah,

It's interesting to note that every month I see people's search keyword that find my site with the keyword..."Can TMJ kill you". So, your question is common to see.

My answer to your question

TMJ involves mostly tired muscles. Often it is accompanied with inflammation in the TMjoints. Neither is life threatening.

Also, it is the result of a malfunction of your descending inhibitory system. That's a complicated phrase for a complicated process that may not be functioning properly, or at least hyper-sensitive.

The descending inhibitory system is the body's process of muffling out the noise coming from every sensory nerve in your body. Some people's D.I.S. works better than others when some do not work well at all, and that's one of the possibilities of the causes of Fibromyalgia. When the D.I.S. is not working well, the brain senses pain in the body. So, in Fibromyalgia victims, the brain interprets messages from nerves as pain when there is no medically visible/detectable reason for that pain.

You can contact me with any other questions at TMJSpainhower at g mail dot com.


Dr. Spainhower

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