Can an ortho help TMJ?

by Jack

About nine months ago, I had right side jaw pain and soreness that made it difficult to eat. My bite felt off. The pain eventually went away after a week or two, but the bite remained off. I've had episodes of pain in the past, but the bite always returned to normal once the pain went away. It's now been nine months, and while the pain hasn't returned, my bite still hasn't corrected itself. It's farther to the left and front than it had been a year ago, and I fear it's putting stress on certain teeth. I've seen my dentist twice now, the first time a couple months into the issue and now nine months into it. He isn't sure TMJ was or is the cause of my misaligned bite and has recommended I see an orthodontist. I've used a night guard for several years because I grind at night (and probably during the day). My question is: can braces help, what sounds to me like, a TMJ-related condition? Or is that just treating the symptom, not the problem itself? Thanks.

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