Can a TMJ problem cause tingling/crushing feelin in cheek?

I have a tingling/crushing sensation on my left cheek about one inch below the center of my lower eyelid. It tingles every few minutes and lasts about 30 seconds. I also have left side jaw pain. Smiling or laughing makes the pain worse. I have had it for 2 years. I started a bad habit of chewing on the inside of my mouth from the stress of a divorse I had been going through at the time. I can't seem to stop the chewing on the inside of my left cheek. Could this chewing be causing a TMJ problem? I don't think I grind my teeth at night though. I had an MRI of the brain and neck and all is normal. I saw a chiropractor for one year and did neck exercises which did not help. Could this be relatead to a TMJ problem? NOTE: I am 54 and about 30 years ago I had dislocated my jaw and couldn't even open it. It totally locked. This was from chewing too much gum because I had dry mouth from a medication I was taking at the time for headaches. Chewing gum activated the salivary glands to moisten my dry mouth. The dentist at that time made me an appliance which I wore and it cured the problem. Have you ever heard of anyone having this problem? I saw an eye doctor who said everything was fine with my eyes.

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Tingling problem
by: Anonymous

The problem is from a nerve in your face. You probably need to see a neurologists. You might have what is referred to as 20th cranial nerve problems. Don't let this go, it only gets worse.

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