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I have worn multiple guards over the years but continue to have jaw pain. I grind my teeth, snore, headaches for years and also have tinnitus. What is the best product to treat multiple issues??

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Best product for all problems
by: Dr. Spainhower

I have ongoing reviews and testing of 5 snore guards. I've had a snorer wear these guards to test, and not one was comfortable enough for him to wear past 1 hour.

So, theoretically the snore guards reduce snoring, but if you can't wear it and sleep with's not going to work.

I will continue testing different snore guards and post the results on this website in the future.

Until then, I can only give a "theoretical" opinion.

One of the first "snore Guards" designed is called the "Snore Guard". It theoretically will reduce TMJ jaw pain, clenching AND snoring. BUT, I haven't tested it yet. I need to purchase that one and have my snorer wear it and test it.

In the mean time, the New SmartGuard Elite just came out last week, and it is the best appliance to wear for TMJ pain, headaches and clenching. I've had reports of the original reducing snoring, but it wasn't good enough to recommend.

The Elite should theoretically be better for snoring...but, it won't be as good as an appliance that holds the jaw forward, which is what you want for snoring.

The SmartGuard Elite just opens the mouth more than the original SmartGuard which will open the throat to help with snoring.

So, you can try the "Snore Guard". They may not sell it to you if you're not a dentist or clinician though. Here is their phone # 1-800-959-9505.


You can try the SmartGuard Elite found on this page...

I'll honor a refund to you if it doesn't work for you.

Best of luck, and if you find a snore guard that works...let me know.


Dr. Spainhower

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