Best guard for severe overbite

I am on an antidepressant that can cause grinding and clenching. I find myself clenching in the day in addition to whatever might be going on when I sleep. In addition I have been under tremendous stress with an ill family member for a long time.

The amount of pain I have in my jaw, my teeth, and my forehead muscles is pretty compelling 24/7. I have just been "living with it" but finally decided that maybe I should try to help myself.

Your site is so comprehensive I am hopeful.

This is my specific question. I have a huge overbite.if I truly bite all the way down the amount of pressure exerted on my lower front teeth is extreme. I had braces as a kid, but they had to be taken off early because an X-ray showed root resorption and my bite was never fixed.
My mouth is not particularly small nor do I have a high palette.

In addition to the overbite, I have had extractions of my last molar, up and down on the left side of my mouth. I also have RA and occasionally I do have jaw swelling during a flare up.

My goodness , no wonder I am in pain all the time!

My question is, which model of the Smartguard do you think would fit my needs best.?

I have known too may people that pay several hundreds of dollars for custom guards that then just sit on their night table.

I would like to start with yours but want to give myself the best,chance at a good first try.

Thank you
Maureen (age 60)

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for your response. I am on quite a few meds for the RA. Enbrel, methotrexate, and plaquenil. I am fortunate because with this trio I am mainly without the severe symptoms I had in my hands and feet when it hit me 5 years ago.

Thank you for your kind words. I am hopeful that starting to address this problem in my mouth can only bring improvement. I have never really indicated to any of my doctors how much of a problem this is. stoic umbringing! Good for many of life's,challenges, but it has it's downside!


by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Maureen,

So sorry to hear about all of your pains...ouch.

Are you taking any medications for your RA?

Sometimes I never can tell which SmartGuard will fit or work for people. After thousands of purchasers, it's still a trial an error. So, for you from what you've said, it would be helpful to try both.

So, purchase the SmartGuard Elite, and I'll send you the Combo kit which has both the SmartGuard Elite and the SmartGuard Original in it.

Good luck, and please keep me informed of how they work for you.


Dr. Spainhower

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