Best guard for not being able to open mouth all the way?

by Alan


I have TMJ and have not yet seen a dentist about it due to all the information available. (although I am planning to go in the near future) - I've been looking at getting one of the TMJ appliances / night guard and want to know what would be recommended for my situation.

Generally my TMJ does not cause me any pain or discomfort in every day life, however if I am only able to fit three fingers tall into my mouth, and if I go wider I get popping/clicking and pain on the right hand side only.

Note that I did have braces when I was younger and also had to have my wisdom teeth removed before they broke through, this was about 10 years ago.

I have also noticed that if I press down on the right hand side at the joint whilst opening my mouth that the popping/pain does not occur.

Thanks for your advice

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Best night guard for popping and clicking
by: Dr. Spainhower

G'day Alan,

If you don't have a big problem with your jaw locking, I recommend the SmartGuard Elite.

I designed it for those people with popping and clicking.

The RCM double arch is the next guard of choice However, it just isn't as comfortable as the SmartGuards. I recommend the RCM double arch to those who have problems with their jaw locking shut...especially at night/morning.

The Elite should be your best choice.

You are not going to cure the popping and clicking. The popping can diminish, but your jaw will always click as the TMJ disc/meniscus slips out of place. So, if you desire to see a TMJ specialists to correct the won't correct.

Wear the Elite, and that should be all that you need to do...besides possible stress modifications that may be useful in your life.

But, to treat the popping and clicking to have not bother you so much, the night guard is the recommended treatment.

Let me know how it goes for you.


Dr. Spainhower

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