Availability of products in Asia

by Kahlil
(Carmona, Cavite, Philippines)

Hello Dr. Spainhower:

My mom has been suffering noticeable TMJD pain for almost a year now. The symptoms are just as your articles have described them: headache and dizziness, among others.

I would like to know if the SmartGuard item is available for delivery in the Philippines. Also, I have seen your article on a 67-dollar package containing TMJ exercises. To be honest, I am quite skeptical about this. Does this video package contain exercises to MANAGE or CURE TMJ pain?

My mom is currently consulting a local dentist who has studied TMJ pain, though I do not know to what extent. She has worn two out of supposedly six mouth splints. So far, the pain has lessened, but it is still discomforting and irritating according to her.

Finding a reliable cure for my mom's TMJ would be one blessing that we are yet to find. So I hope the authenticity and reliability of your products and information are high.

Please reply.



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TMJ exercises And the Smartguard
by: Dr. Spainhower

Hello Kahlil,

Your skepticism is understandable. However, the videos of TMJ exercises are outstanding, and I truly believe they are the best available on the internet. At the price of $67.00...it is a steal and a great bargain.

The physical therapist that I refer my TMJ patients to for TMJ exercises allowed me to video tape him showing the exercises to patients. The patient copies the TMJ exercises.

The night guard that is included with $5.00 s/h is the SmartGuard which as you know sells for 54.00 to 103.00 on the internet, so it is a bargain.

You can purchase that special discount package at www.TruthAboutTMJ.com

Good luck Kahlil,


Dr. Spainhower

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