Atlanta Area TMJ Dentist Recommendation

by JR

Do you have a recommendation for an Atlanta Georgia area TMJ Dentist? Experiencing chronic lock jaw.

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Jaw Locking
by: Anonymous

Hello JR,

Your search for the right Doc is a challenging one. There are two basic Schools of treatment for TMJ Dentists.

#1 Correct your bite
#2 Uncover the underlying causes of your TMJ issues (environmental stressors (ES)).

Your problem of Lock Jaw, most likely is caused by a bad bite. But, what happens is that the bad bite usually is not what you want to fix if you've had the problem for many years, because the bad bite becomes irrelevant and will NOT fix the slipping disc.

Stress can cause Lock jaw, but if it has been locking for many years as well, then bite correction usually is not the answer either.

So, the question I refer you to a "Bite correction" Dentist? or a TMJ Dentist that looks at environmental stressors?

I have found an office that looks more at environmental stressors as the causes of TMJ issues. So, not being able to see you in person, it's a guess to whom I refer you to.

If you have had a slipping disc (popping jaw or lock jaw) for many years, then evaluating the stressors is a good start. If environmental stressors can be ruled out, then conservative bite correction may improve your situation.

If your popping or lock jaw is a recent developement, then the bite correction doc could be the right choice.

Although, the doc that looks at ES should be able to correct your bite if that is

Go to to call for an appointment.

Good luck?


Dr. Spainhower

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